14 Miles Cajon Pass

The 14 miles of the West Grade host legendary train watching spots: Blue Cut, Sullivan’s Curve, Mormon Rocks, Alray, Hill 582 and Summit. See trains at these locations and more.

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UP 4014 3 video’s set from Steam Train Videos

Union Pacific 4014 Year of the Big Boy 3 video set

Travel from Cheyenne, WY to Ogden, Ut on the first volume then from Omaha, NE on a tour to the upper Midwest to Adams, WI on the second volume and then from Cheyenne, WY to El Paso, TX on the third volume of this series.

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Big Boy 4014 returns to steam

Union Pacific 4014 has returned to live steam and the mainline… after 60 years without being able to turn wheel on rail under its own power! UP brought her back to steam to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of the driving of the Golden Spike 

This DVD features exclusive historical footage, brand new (May 2019) footage and footage from 4014’s trip from the RailGiants site in California to Cheyenne to be rebuilt by the UP steam shop crew.

We’ll see 4014 at all the hot spots, including Echo Canyon and the Wasatch grade.

We’ll hear from people who were there.

We’ll briefly visit Promontory and see (and hear!) the two replica steam locomotives built for the 100th anniversary Golden Spike celebration!

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Eureka & Palisade a wood burner on the Durango & Silverton dvd

Woodburner on the Durango & Silverton

There’s only one operating, narrow gauge, wood-burning 4-4-0 in the United States today

The Eureka and Palisade Number 4. Built by Baldwin in 1875,
this one hundred twenty-one year old steam locomotive has been perfectly
restored to its original splendor, complete with gleaming brass fittings,
ornate decorations, gold filigree striping, and polished oak cab.

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Eureka & Palisade